Problems sleeping? Solve it once and for all!

One of the pillars of healthy living is having a good night’s sleep. Sleeping well makes your body and brain rest effectively and allows you to wake up fresh the next day. In addition, sleeping well also makes your entire metabolism regulated. It is during deep sleep that you produce several hormones linked to metabolism, such as GH (growth hormone), Cortisol and Leptin.

Sleeping poorly is a major cause of obesity and heart disease.

If you can’t sleep properly, have light sleep, wake up several times a night, or just can’t fall asleep, you have a problem, and you need to understand what this problem is in order to solve it.

There are 3 major types of problems that can make you have trouble sleeping, they are:

  • Emotional problems
  • Environment problems
  • Physiological problems

I will detail each of them below:

Emotional problems

These are problems that cause you stress, that make you unable to relax because you are worried, nervous, anxious, or in some way uneasy about a situation. To solve these problems, you need to deal with them instead of avoiding them.

Are you broke, in debt? Redo your budget! Look for a better job! Decrease your spending. There is no other way, you have to solve it. Get rid of responsibilities that you can’t have!

Did you have a fight with a family member? Some friend? Relationship problems at the office? Marriage problems? RESOLVE! Make peace or cut ties definitively. DO NOT STAY IN THE MIDDLE, never wait for later.

Did you buy something and are looking forward to delivery? Looking forward to an event? Keep Calm! Look for some other enjoyable activity, a hobby, something that makes you have to focus on another activity. Knitting, collecting, building things, writing, reading, watching movies and series … OCCUPY THAT MIND!

Environmental problems

These are the problems that make your sleeping environment not comfortable enough.

Is your room completely dark at night? If not, make it be! Do not allow any light to enter the room. Small cracks, standby lights of electronic devices, cover everything. Use curtains and blackouts on the windows to prevent sunlight from entering when the day dawns. Total darkness is the key.

What about the noises. Is your room completely silent? It’s your house? Are other people awake while you are trying to sleep? You need to solve this! Total silence is essential. The other people in your household need to respect their bedtime and avoid making noise. Eliminate any source of noise from the room as well. If you live in a noisy place, noise windows are essential. Heavy curtains also help to muffle outside sound. You should even consider CHANGING THE PROPERTY if the problems you have with this one cannot be solved. Don’t settle! FIX IT!

And the temperature? Do you heat the room? Cold? A fan can help in some cases. In other cases you need an air conditioner. Is expensive? Maybe, but sleeping poorly is even more expensive. Invest in it.

And your mattress? And your pillow? Are they comfortable? Do you like to lie on your bed or do you just lie down at bedtime? You should invest in a good mattress, which makes you feel like lying down. Pillows and bedding also help to improve comfort. Do not put the price first when choosing your bed, mattress and pillow. Try before you buy! Buy only what makes you feel good.

Physiological problems

Some people have trouble producing Melatonin, which is the hormone that makes you start sleeping. This hormone is produced naturally by the brain at dusk. There are Melatonin supplements that can be purchased.

However, you should not start taking Melatonin without solving the previous problems… It will not work miracles! Solve your life first, and if you still have trouble sleeping, then try Melatonin.

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Author: Daniel Ribeiro

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